Data Segmentation

Our reporting provides our marketing teams with real-time predictive scenarios, improving the relevance of their campaigns and sales initiatives - ensuring the right customers get the right messages at the right time. These actionable datasets increase the odds of discovering target audiences.

Technologies Used

MonogoDB, Looker, PHP5, Redshift, Perl

Closed-Loop Reporting

This framework integrates online and offline marketing data, so that our media buyers optimize performance based on company-level, data-driven feedback. Personalized mapping and visuals provide clear reports with best practices to help each team improve sales performance.

Technologies Used

Symfonty2, Looker, PHP

Clickstream Analytics

The Clickstream client portal pairs consumer behaviors with target audience profiles, allowing our marketing teams to analyze and customize consumer experiences. Within the portal we can also manage ad creation, placements, bids, budgets, and creatives, running side-by-side comparisons to continuously optimize our advertising.

Technologies Used

MonogoDB, Symfonty,, Amazon EMR

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Mike Norman CMO
We don’t think about reporting in past tense. We think about it as shaping and flowing and creating actions to the beat of the traffic. Based on real time actions, we created a set of automated decision trees to emulate the same decisions that we would make in these real time scenarios. We combine platform data with server data so clicks and conversions are in real time. Predicted metrics are calculated on a macro to micro level as well.