Traffic Monetization

This intuitive demand-side platform allows for campaign creation and management to be optimized based on real-time consumer traffic flows. A scalable, fault-tolerant advertising server simultaneously routes said traffic, deploys ads, and tracks granular data points across online channels, including display, mobile, and social.

Technologies Used

PHP, Symfony, Bootstrap

Website & Creative Optimization

A web-based, WYSIWYG editor that empowers our marketers to rapidly deploy and iterate creatives, copy, and form fields across all digital channels and devices. Big-data integrations allow for robust targeting strategies and optimization techniques, such as rapid A/B testing, multivariate optimization, and granular audience targeting.

Technologies Used

AngularJS, PHP, Symfony, Amazon SQS

Programmatic Advertising

Services include optimization, tracking, API integrations, marketing automation, real-time bidding, and attribution reporting. Custom rules route our consumers based on device type, geographic location, and demographic segmentation. An intuitive, web-based tag management system simplifies media attribution.

Technologies Used

Symfony2, AngularJS, Laravel, noSQL

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Lauren alexander EVP MARKETING
The overarching theme for our marketing software is reduction of waste: Wasted impressions, wasted costs, wasted labor, etc. This has been shown to raise quality scores, increase user engagement and most importantly increase ROI for our clients.