Automated Inquiry Distribution

Our lead distribution management system delivers unprecedented visibility and tracking across the entire lifecycle of our leads. Real-time updates and the automatic delivery of qualified leads keep sales pipelines full. The system integrates with CRMs and handles push, pull, and ping post delivery as well as call routing.

Technologies Used

Silex, PHP, SQS, SES, APIary

Data Hygiene and Lead Scoring

This management system aggregates data from multiple sources, then validates, scores, and routes inquiries in order to match specific consumers to specific members of your sales team. This maximizes the ROI for both the buyer and the seller by considering factors such as revenue, cost, lead source, and enterprise-level feedback data.

Technologies Used

Java, SQS, noSQL, NodeJS

Integrated Inquiry Management

This API-driven system simplifies inquiry management by integrating external lead sources with our customer's internal disposition data in real time, extending core validation processes and augmenting data intake with derived data points for granular attribution. System rules trigger email campaigns, SMS, and auto-dial functions.

Technologies Used

Amazon SQS, PHP5, noSQL

Allstate Lead Marketplace

A nationwide system that provides thousands of Allstate agents with real-time access to 15-plus lead vendors, data-driven performance indicators, and closed-loop reporting. The platform uses transparency, efficiency, and economies of scale to empower Allstate’s agents, regional managers, and corporate users.

Technologies Used

Symfony, PHP, node.js, mongodb, AngularJS

ZipQuote Exchange

In an industry where insurance lead vendors often put their interests ahead of the agents and prospects they serve, the ZipQuote platform offers an agent-centric, performance-based experience. Agents personalize their lead buying with custom orders and filters. The platform also integrates with CRMs and offers in-depth digital sales strategy support.

Technologies Used

Symfony, PHP, AngularJS, mongodb

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joey ariaz VP, Web Development
At UE, we move fast. If we see an opportunity to gain revenue for ourselves or our clients—we jump on it. I think we differ from a lot of organizations in this way. Sometimes that means late night hackathons to push through a sprint. Our culture team does a good job making that as comfortable as it can be by keeping the food, beer, lattes, and Red Bull flowing. But at the end of the day, the result of seeing something you made make an impact is what truly gets myself and my team excited.