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Best Practices: Vetting Lead Vendors

Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, discusses the best practices when it comes to properly vetting a lead vendor in a recent Insurance Business America article.  In the digital age, all leads are not created equal. Although acquiring a mass quantity of leads might seem attractive, investing...

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Stacy Mendes Underground Elephant Corporate Culture Panel

UE Corporate Culture Panels

With one of the most progressive corporate cultures in San Diego, the number of employee and community related initiatives at Underground Elephant could literally fill a long scroll. As a result, Underground Elephant’s Culture Team was invited to participate in three local panels this spring,...

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How to Get Your Employees On Board with Stock Options

Checkout the most recent Entrepreneur article by Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant. Jason shares best approaches to getting your employees on board with stock options.  When introducing this benefit, it’s important to be transparent with your team to maximize buy-in and trust. To achieve this,...

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Jarrod Russell UE Company Meeting

5 Unwritten Rules for Lax Office Etiquette

Corporate offices have come a long way from the days of strict dress codes, awkward parties with bad cake and cubicles as far as the eye can see. We’ve shed these relics along with our fax machines and CD-ROMs, trading cookie-cutter professionalism for corporate cultures...

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Paul Vaden mentors at Underground Elephant

Best Career Advice from a Former Boxing Champ

In a recent Fast Company article, Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, shares the most valuable business, personal, and leadership lessons he's learned from his unlikely coach, Paul Vaden. Inspiration often comes from the unlikeliest of places. For me and my team, it came from former...

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Underground Elephant, invest in community to help startup succeed

Invest in Your City to Help Your Startup Succeed

In his most recent Entrepreneur article Jason Kulpa explains why the key to success for startups isn't always relocating your business; investing in your city can benefit your community as well as your company. There’s something to be said for strength in numbers. If you’re looking for a...

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Underground Elephant Employee Enrichment vs Enlargement

Motivate Employees: Balance Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement

Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, covers how to balance job enrichment and job enlargement to motivate and inspire employees in his most recent contribution to Entrepreneur. Read the full article below or here. Like most entrepreneurs, your early startup days were far from glamorous. Still,...

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3 Strategies to Identify Your Best Customers

In his most recent thought leadership article for Business Journals, Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, uncovers three effective strategies to identify your best customers and keep them happy.  Do you know who your most profitable customers are? Odds are they're your low-profile customers. Great customers often fly under the...

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