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5 Core Lessons For Expanding Your Growing Company

Checkout the most recent Entrepreneur article by Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant. Jason shares best-practice approaches for a fast growing company looking to expand to a new office. Read the full article below or here. Your company started small, with a few co-founders, an industry vet and...

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Fuel Your Agency’s Success with High-Octane Leads

In a recent article for the Insurance Journal, Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, discusses the importance of quality leads, including how to identify and access them. He also hones in on the next steps that maximize the value derived from high-quality leads and explains...

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4 Questions to Ask Before Doing a National Product Rollout

In this installment of Jason Kulpa’s thought leadership series in Entrepreneur, he discusses the critical steps companies must take to prepare for a national product rollout. With the success of Underground Elephant’s rollout of the Allstate Lead Marketplace, Jason offers insight from his experiences. The full...

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5 Steps To Get the Full Attention of Your Best Customers

Checkout the most recent Entrepreneur article by Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, titled “Get the Full Attention of Your Best Customers: Limit Your Reach”. Get quick tips and insights into how best to create a customer-centric marketing plan for your best customers. Read the full article below, or...

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‘Tis the Season to Celebrate Employees and Support the Community

The holidays are in full swing and Underground Elephant is enjoying festive activities with the local community and its employees. In November we donated $2,500 to the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS). All proceeds went to SDHS’s PAWS program, which provides veterinary care vouchers to households...

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