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In 2008, snuggled in a small office in Mission Valley, San Diego, Underground Elephant took its first step toward advancing the online consumer experience. Starting first in the insurance sector, UE then expanded into other financial services including credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages, and loans. Through savvy software, real-time analytics, transparent platforms, and pure grit, UE continues to increase quality interactions between consumers and providers. Company leadership focuses on growth-oriented, long-term strategies that deliver value—and competitive advantage—to the company and its clients. The company has also been locally and nationally recognized for its innovative culture.
Eight years later, Underground Elephant occupies the Wellman Peck building—a uniquely designed 25,000 sq. ft. space located in the East Village of Downtown San Diego. Now with 100-plus employees and a massive industry footprint, the company values remain focused toward serving consumers first.

Andrew Apfelberg
Greensberg Glusker
Jason Spievak
Invoca.com Founder
Stephen Marsh
Smarsh.com Founder
Jack Isaacs
RLJ Equity Partners

Our Team

Our DNA is made of the people pictured below, whose knowledge, experience, and strategic vision drive our success. That’s why we invest in our employees, coach thoughtful leaders, and support the San Diego community. By striving to support our employees in their pursuit of personal breakthroughs, we ensure they can do the same for our clients and community.


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Jason Kulpa CEO
Underground Elephant was founded in 2008. The mission was simple—to disrupt the insurance industry by generating leads and going direct. Through the eight-year journey, we have grown both in scale and sophistication. We are dedicated to growth, always staying ahead of the curve and doing our part to enrich the San Diego community.